BBQ Beef


Made from our hand-cut steaks, simmered four hours, shredded and tossed with our homemade BBQ sauce.

Prime Rib Dip


Thinly sliced prime rib, sautéed mushrooms, au jus,onions, melted mozzarella cheese on a 7” hoagie.

French Dip


Thinly sliced roast beef with Swiss cheese on a 7" hoagie. Served with a side of au jus.

Philly Cheese Steak


Thinly sliced beef with sauteèd peppers and onions. Topped with Swiss and served on a 7" hoagie.

Spicy Buffalo Bleu Chicken


Chicken breast topped with buffalo sauce, melted cheddar and topped with bleu cheese dressing, lettuce, tomato and crispy buttermilk onion straws.

Wet Burrito


Flour shell filled with taco meat, refried beans, topped with chili, cheddar and onion, lettuce, tomato and black olive.

Our fresh burgers are hand pattied and served on a butter toasted bun with a pickle spear.

Swiss Mushroom Burger

Quarter Pound $5.99
Half Pound $7.29

Burger topped with sautèed mushroom and two sliced of Swiss cheese and mayo.

Bacon Cheeseburger

Quarter Pound $5.99
Half Pound $7.29

Features two tasty strips of bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo.

All American Cheeseburger

Quarter Pound $5.99
Half Pound $7.29

Classic burger with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, picklle, red onion, mayo, ketchup and mustard.

Spicy Buffalo Bleu Burger

Quarter Pound $5.99
Half Pound $7.29

Burger brushed with Frank’s Buffalo Sauce and melted cheddar/jack. Served with lettuce, tomato, bleu cheese dressing and crispy buttermilk onion straws.

Olive Burger

Quarter Pound $5.99
Half Pound $7.29

My favorite! Topped with American cheese, olive sauce, lettuce, tomato.

BBQ Burger

Quarter Pound $5.99
Half Pound $7.29

BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, mayo, onion ring and cheddar/jack.


#1 "Falsetta's" Sub


Filled with salami, capicola, provolone, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion and mayo.

#2 Giant Meatball Sub


Filled with Italian meatballs and meat sauce.

#3 Giant Ham or Turkey


Served Deluxe with choice of cheese.

#4 Giant Sausage Sub


Filled with 1/2 lb. Italian sausage and topped with meat sauce.

#5 Giant Veggie Sub


Filled with mushroom, green pepper, green olive, broccoli, black olive, onion, three types of melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo on a grilled bun.

#6 Club Sub


Filled with 1/4 lb. of turkey, bacon, melted cheddar, and Monterey jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo.

Try any of our subs baked!

Add to any item on this page for $1.99

French Fries,
Onion Rings,
Cole Slaw,
Mac & Cheese,
Cottage Cheese,
Mashed Potatoes,
or Baked Potato,
Side of Paste, Cup
of Soup, Chili or Fresh Vegetable
Side Salad: $2.99

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